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Reproduction Bronze Boatswain's Three-Minute Sandglass




Estimated Ship Date: 04/29/2024

This handsome Reproduction Sandglass is perfect for cooking a classic three-minute egg, but it's history is a nautical wonder. Cast in solid bronze with a white-sand-filled glass insert, this smaller cousin of the hourglass was critical navigation tool on the high seas.

With a sandglass that runs for a specific time (ours runs its course in 180 seconds) a ship's mate could determine the speed of travel in knots. By counting the literal "knots" tied in a rope attached to a wooden block called a "chip log", the mate could calculate how fast the boat was traveling. The number of knots counted in the time it took the sand to fall provided the necessary speed information to aid in accurate navigation.

While you are welcome to try this technique on your own "time", we think this classic replica sandglass will look just fine on a mantel, bookcase or desk or helping out in the kitchen. This handsome item comes gift packaged for the sailor, chef or historian in your life.

  • Reproduction boatswain's sandglass
  • Sand passes from top to bottom in three minutes
  • Sandcast in solid bronze with a white-sand-filled glass insert
  • Used by ship's mates to determine the speed of travel
  • A unique gift that comes packaged for giving

1½" dia. x 3¾"H


1½" dia. x 3¾"H

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