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Galileo Weather Station with Fitzroy Storm Glass, Clock and Hygrometer




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Stay abreast of changes in time, temperature, barometric pressure and humidity with our Galileo Weather Station with Fitzroy Storm Glass, Clock and Hygrometer. A handsome blend of old and new technologies, this table weather station is crafted of fiber wood with a cherry-colored finish. The clock and hygrometer instrument are set into the wood with goldtone frames while the Galileo thermometer and storm glass pillars are displayed on either side. To show temperature changes, the Galileo features colorful liquid-filled glass globes that rise and fall within a paraffin oil-filled tube. For the most accurate temperature, read the metal tag on the lowest globe of the top grouping.

How the Fitzroy Storm Glass barometer really works remains a mystery, but it is believed that electromagnetic changes in weather patterns activate the crystals inside. It's named after Admiral Fitzroy, an accomplished meteorologist who used a storm glass on his historic 1831 voyage with Charles Darwin aboard the HMS Beagle. When the air pressure decreases watch and wait as the glass chamber fills with white crystals. This unique desktop Galileo weather station will perfectly complement any office, home, library or elegant living room. It's also a welcome gift for anyone who enjoys forecasting or collects unusual weather instruments.

  • Tabletop Galileo Weather Station includes Hygrometer, Fitzroy Storm Glass and Clock
  • Galileo thermometer shows temperature as glass balls rise and fall within the cylinder
  • Tiny crystals form in the storm glass when air pressure decreases
  • Goldtone clock and hygrometer set into the wood frame
  • Sophisticated gift or desktop accent

4½"W x 7¼"H x 1½"D

4½"W x 1½"D x 7¼"H

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