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Nesting Birdhouse with Natural Material favorite




Estimated Ship Date: 08/12/2022

Just like us, birds want their space to be comfortable and cozy, and cozy to our feathered friends is a small, enclosed space that is safe from predators and has ample camouflage.

This nesting house is the perfect safe space for birds. Made from natural reed grasses, it blends in with the natural environment and will ensure backyard birds feel at home. Nesting birds also appreciate rougher surfaces for their nests and homes because it allows them to enter and exit more easily.

Your birds will thank you for this nesting or roosting sanctuary, and you are sure to see more of them!

  • Nesting house is suitable for nesting, roosting, and keeping safe from predators
  • Made of natural reed grasses
  • Backyard birds will love the camouflage element
  • Rough materials ensure easy entrance and exit for birds
  • Great gift for bird-lovers

4½"D x 4½"W x 11"H


4½"D x 4½"W x 11"H

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