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Hydro-Disc Wind Spinner



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Our Hydro-Disc Wind Spinner takes everything you thought you knew about kinetic garden art and turns it upside down. Well, actually, around and around. Start with a colorful wind spinner with vibrant red, blue, green and yellow discs arranged on a pair of u-shaped rotors. Their cupped shape catches the wind and turns each rotor independently and freely in even a slight breeze. Sounds great, right Well hold onto your hat!

Because this spinner adds a whole new dimension: water! Simply connect a standard garden hose to the fixture at the spinner's base and each of those colorful discs releases a flying stream of water. Adjust the water pressure to get just the right strength of spray then sit back and watch the show! Place this colorful spinner in a flower bed and not only will it be fun to watch, it will help out with watering your plants. Definitely, the next step in the evolution of kinetic garden art. Wind & Weather Exclusive Design.

  • Dual u-shaped rotors spin independently
  • Each rotor features cupped discs that catch the wind
  • Attach a garden hose and streams of water spray from each disc
  • Vibrant red, green, blue and yellow discs
  • Spinner turns in the breeze even when the water is turned off
21¼" dia. x 76"H

21¼" dia. x 76"H