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Koala and Baby Sculpture favorite
SC8585 |Exclusive




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This adorable Koala and Baby Sculpture has an “awww” factor that is off the charts. Cast in weather-resistant resin from a lovingly sculpted, highly detailed original piece of art, it captures all the details of these irresistible Australian creatures. The sculptor was even able to reproduce the fuzzy texture of the fur.

Like all marsupials, the young joey is born and then develops within its mother’s pouch for 6-7 months. This joey is at least 9 months old, having developed its adult fur color, but like all youngsters, he’s still sticking close to Mama. This lovely koala sculpture is sure to touch your heart displayed in your home or garden. Wind & Weather Exclusive Design.

  • Mother koala and joey sculpture
  • Incredibly detailed sculpture
  • Lifelike paint scheme
  • Cast in resin for indoor or outdoor display
  • A heartwarming, tender depiction of gentle animals

9¾"L x 9½"W x 14¼"H

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Mon Jan 18 11:04:44 EST 2021