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Classic Monopoly in Metal Box

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Bring out this Classic Monopoly in Metal Box game set, and see which of your friends and family members is a budding business tycoon. This set has all the components of the classic Monopoly game, originally patented in 1935. When you finally decide who gets to be the top hat, the thimble, the Scottie dog, or the racecar, it's time to start the battle for business supremacy. Roll the dice, buy properties, collect your money when you pass GO and try to stay out of jail.

The game of Monopoly is licensed in more than 100 countries and printed in 37 languages. In the U.S. alone, there are dozens of specially licensed versions based on unique themes such as locations, TV shows and movies, sports teams, colleges and more. This set gets things back to basics with a folding board with classic colors and properties, game tokens, cards, play money and more. It's always a good time to shut down the gadgets and bring back the great fun of family game time.

  • Classic Monopoly board game
  • Metal storage tin
  • Folding game board with classic design
  • All game pieces and components included
  • For ages 8 and up
10½" sq. x 2¼"H

10½" sq. x 2¼"H