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Vantage Pro2 Plus™, from Davis Instruments, can transmit and receive data wirelessly up to 1000' with a clear line-of-sight. It shows multiple weather variables and forecasting information with icons, on-screen graphs, and text, all on one sleek, easy-to-read console. The Vantage Pro2 Plus™ updates data every few seconds, so that the data you are viewing is real time. The large LCD display shows outdoor temperature and humidity, temperature min/max, indoor temperature and humidity, barometric pressure and trends, wind speed and direction, time of day or time of sunrise and sunset, and phases of the moon.

You can also view rainfall totals for the day, month, year, and storm, and there is room to add additional indices.

You can set over 70 alarms for different functions and choose from over 80 different graphs to be displayed. A text screen shows the current forecast.

The integrated sensor suite (rainfall collector, temperature and humidity sensors, solar radiation and UV sensors, and anemometer) is easy to set up, very reliable, and shielded from solar radiation.

Transmission Range up to 1000' line-of-sight; 200' to 400' with wall or building interference
Temperature, Base: Range 32° to 140° F. Accuracy ±1° F
Temperature, Remote: Range -40° to 150° F. Accuracy ±1° F
Humidity, Base: 10 to 90% RH. Accuracy ±5% RH
Humidity, Remote: 0 to 100% RH. Accuracy ±3% RH
Barometric Pressure: Range 26.00" to 32.00" Hg. Accuracy ±0.03" Hg
Max. elev. 12500'
Barometric Pressure Trend with Alarm
Time: User-set, 12/24 hour, alarm, calendar
Rainfall, Daily: Range 0" to 99.99". Accuracy ±4%
Rainfall, Monthly and Yearly: Range 0 to 199.99". Accuracy ±4%
Wind Speed: Range 2 to 150 mph. Accuracy ±2 mph
Wind Direction: Range 0° to 360°. Accuracy ±7°
Compass Rose: 16 Compass Points
Dew Point: Range -105° to 130° F. Accuracy ±3° F
Wind Chill: Range -120° to 130° F. Accuracy ±2° F

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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