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Our Tall Egret or Curved Neck Egret Metal Yard Sculpture exquisitely captures the grace and intrigue of this elegant water bird. Crafted of solid metal, one graceful egret peers up to the sky while the other arches his neck. Featuring lifelike markings and beautifully painted details, guests and visitors will think a real egret has decided to grace your porch, patio or garden with his presence. Sealed with a weather-resistant finish, our white and gray egret statues can live outdoors all year long without the worry of rust or damage. They are also suitable as an artistic indoor accent and would look lovely standing by a fireplace, in an entryway, foyer or sunroom.

Egrets hold a number of symbolisms in many different cultures. To the people of New Zealand, the great egret, Kotuku, symbolizes everything rare and beautiful. To say someone is a "Kotuku" is a great compliment. When someone is referred to as a "Kotuku Rerenga Tahi," this means they are a great person who is seldom found. The Kotuku are also thought to be messengers who inhabit the spirit land of Cape Reinga, the northwestern most tip of the Aupouri Peninsula of New Zealand said to be where the spirits of dead enter the underworld.

Tall Egret 43"H
Curved Neck Egret 39"H

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Tall Egret Metal Yard Sculpture


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