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Ceramic Cactus Ring Holder favorite




Limited Stock

Keep your rings organized and prevent accidental loss with our Ceramic Cactus Ring Holder. A whimsical but practical piece of tabletop art, the arms of this helpful cactus are designed to hold onto your rings when you're not wearing them.

A lovely gift for someone who is fond of wearing rings, this little cactus ring holder has three arms and a main trunk that are all just the right size to slip several rings onto. This ceramic cactus is modeled after the well-known saguaro cactus which is easily recognized by the "arms" that grow out from its sides and then turn upward.

  • Ceramic ring holder
  • Shaped like a saguaro cactus
  • Four ring-holding arms
  • Dish-shaped base holds additional rings, earrings or other jewelry
  • Realistic green color with gloss finish

3½" dia. x 4"H

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Sat Nov 27 00:56:18 EST 2021