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A Year To Remember Coin Set (1934-64)




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Celebrate a special event (like a birth, marriage, graduation or entry into military service) with this unique treasure of collectible coins. Each gift set features a shiny half dollar, quarter, dime, nickel and a penny, all from the year of your choosing. Included with each set is a detailed history of world events and trivia from that same year. Coins are carefully hand-selected for the utmost detail and shine, sealed in their own capsules and then displayed in a handsome, satin-lined case. Years 1955 and 1975 not available.

  • Year To Remember Coin Gift Set
  • Set includes a US Mint half dollar, quarter, dime, nickel and penny
  • Choose a year from 1934-2012 (1955 and 1975 not available)
  • Year anthology and Certificate of Authenticity included
  • Made in USA

6"W x 4"D

6"W x 4"D"

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