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Willow Tree "Butterfly" Figurine




Estimated Ship Date: 10/13/2023

The Willow Tree "Butterfly" Figurine is the perfect gift for graduates or to celebrate any special accomplishment…to encourage, support and acknowledge individual strength. The lovely sculpture shows a young woman holding up her skirts and spreading them wide like butterfly wings. As artist Susan Lordi puts it, "I see the monarch butterfly as a true metaphor — for the desire in each of us to be our best, to live resiliently, to thrive, to make a positive difference in the world."

Like all Willow Tree pieces, the original for Butterfly was hand carved by Susan Lordi. Using family and friends as models, Susan tries to capture a moment in time or express a feeling. Pieces are cast from her original carvings, and then individually painted by hand. Add this lovely piece to your collection or give it as a gift to someone in need or simply as a reminder of friendship.

  • Young woman with dress spread like butterfly wings
  • Symbol of encouragement and support
  • Reproduced from original carving by Susan Lordi
  • Each piece is cast in resin and hand-painted
  • Add to your collection or give as a gift


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