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LaCrosse Color Professional WIFI Weather Station with Two Wireless Outdoor Sensors




Estimated Ship Date: 05/28/2024

This full-featured Professional Weather Station by LaCrosse has got all your weather forecasting and monitoring needs covered. Two remote sensors provide up to the minute outdoor data that feeds wirelessly to the full-color base station. Easy-to-read LCD screen with five brightness settings displays day, date, time, indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity, wind speed and direction and more.

Both remote sensors—temp/humidity/wind speed/direction and rainfall—have a 400' wireless transmission range and the base provides WIFI connectivity. With the WIFI feature you can monitor conditions remotely with the LaCrosse View™ app and receive additional weather data directly from the National Weather Service. Remote sensors require batteries. Base unit has an AC plug and requires batteries for backup. No batteries included.

  • Weather Station Features
  • Indoor Temperature
  • Indoor Humidity
  • Records with Time/Date Stamp
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Color Forecast Icons
  • Outdoor Temperature and Humidity
  • “Feels Like” Temperature
  • Dew Point
  • Current & Top Speed
  • Speed Trend Indicator
  • Customizable Wind Alert
  • Records with Time/Date Stamp
  • Dynamic Compass Rose
  • Cardinal Wind Direction
  • Degrees of Wind Direction
  • Low battery indicators for station and sensors
  • 5 Settings LCD Brightness with Programmable Auto-Dim
  • Sensor Connection Indicator
  • Wifi Connection Indicator
  • Wall Hanging or Adjustable Kickstand for Free Standing Option
  • Compatible with Add-on sensors
  • Language Options: English, Spanish, French, and German (Translation Available for Menus & Calendar)
  • WiFi Connectable
  • Your weather station can function as a standalone weather station OR you can download the free La Crosse View™ App for enhanced features.
  • Why go Connected?
  • Anywhere Monitoring of Station and Sensor Information via the La Crosse View™ App
  • View and Track History with Detailed Graphs
  • Customize Alerts and Receive Push Notifications of Values Outside of Your Desired Range
  • Share Your Weather Information
  • Connect to the La Crosse View® app for:
  • On-the-Go Home Monitoring
  • Custom Alerts & Push Notifications
  • Check History Charts and Graphs
  • Expand Your System w/Add-On Sensors
  • Share with Friends & Family
  • Access Data Stream Technology®: Add a personal message or additional weather data on your display
  • Powered by: Accuweather*
  • Additional Forecast Icons
  • Daily Forecasted Highs & Lows
  • Chance of Precipitation
  • Internet Time and Date

8¼"W x 5¾"H x 1¼"D


Display 8¼"W x 5¾"H x 1¼"D
Wind Detector 2½"W x 9¾"H x 12¼"D
Rain Detector 7¼"L x 5¼"W x 5"H

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