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Multicolor Glass Rain Chain favorite




Limited Stock

Multi-colored pieces of glass hang together to create a beautiful rain chain that combines style and function. Hang this chain from your gutter to divert rainwater away from your home and enjoy the soothing sound when rain passes through.

You can even enjoy this piece when the sun is out! Watch as the sun catches on a rainbow of glass jewels, playfully dispersing light all around.

Rain chains lead water runoff harmoniously without affecting your home's curb appeal and are just as effective as a downspout gutter system. Add a touch of personality and style to any home with this design.

  • Rain chain is as beautiful as it is functional
  • Great alternative to an unsightly downspout
  • Eye-catching multicolor glass pieces look stunning rain or shine!
  • Hangs from a gutter or eave and leads water runoff away from your home
  • Enjoy soothing sound as rain trickles down the chain


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Tue Jul 05 06:36:11 EDT 2022