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Cast Stone Dancing Turtles Flower Pot favorite




Estimated Ship Date: 08/07/2020
  • Cast stone flower pot
  • A pair of tortoises embrace
  • Holds up to a 5" pot or plant directly
  • Integrated coloring and sealed for outdoor use
  • Bring indoors during freezing temperatures

Guests are sure to get a chuckle out of this USA-made Cast Stone Dancing Turtles Flower Pot. A pair of tortoises—or are they turtles? terrapins? hmm?—seem ready to waltz across your garden in this delightfully whimsical sculpture. This stone planter can hold up to a 5" pot, or you can plant directly into the pot thanks to its integrated drainage holes. During freezing temperatures, we recommend bringing this pot indoors.

Turtles are a welcome sight in most gardens, but how do you know if you've spotted a tortoise or a turtle? Well, turtles tend to spend most of their lives in or very near water, which explains their webbed feet. They also have thinner, more streamlined shells compared to the rock-like armor found on tortoises. Many varieties of tortoise live in dry climates and use their strong, stubby forelimbs to dig burrows.

While we're not entirely sure whether the stars of this garden sculpture are turtles or tortoises, we are sure that they make us smile. The thought of these slow-moving reptiles engaging in a graceful dance is just too funny. But is one of them stepping on the other's foot? Too cute!

9" dia. x 10"H, 16 lbs

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