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It doesn't have to be a sunny day for this sunflowers and butterfly birdbath to spread some happiness. The vibrant petals of the sunflowers and flitting butterfly proclaim that it's going to be a good day--and an especially good day for some feathered friends to enjoy a bath.

The birdbath has been crafted with beautifully-embossed glass. It is songbird-friendly with a textured bottom and the correct depth for bird bathing. The glass is weather-resistant, but the beautiful design is attractive enough to use as decor indoors as well.

Sunflowers signify happiness, optimism, peace, and longevity, while butterflies signify transformation, change, hope, and new life, and we think this vibrant birdbath certainly evokes those themes.

Can purchase with or without birdbath stand that perfectly displays birdbath.

  • Birdbath features beautiful, bright sunflowers and blue butterfly
  • Crafted with embossed glass
  • Weather-resistant and suitable for indoor/outdoor use
  • Textured bottom
  • Correct depth for songbird bathing
  • Can purchase with or without birdbath stand
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Sunflowers and Butterfly Birdbath with Stand

Estimated Ship Date:10/05/2022

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Sunflowers and Butterfly Birdbath

Estimated Ship Date:10/05/2022

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Tue Oct 04 01:00:29 EDT 2022