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Handcrafted Sheltered Blue Basket Hummingbird Feeder favorite




Estimated Ship Date: 02/08/2021

This unique, Handcrafted Sheltered Blue Basket Hummingbird Feeder will quickly become a hot spot for your local hummingbirds. Made out of recycled glass and reclaimed tin cans, it features two wire perches and two blown glass sipping stations in a brilliant shade of azure with distinctive, red blossoms. It has a nectar capacity of nine ounces, as well as a bright and artistic tin roof crafted from recycled cans, perfect for keeping hummers out of the rain and around your homestead for longer. Hummingbirds will feel protected from the elements and exposed areas by the tent-like roof and more likely to take their time tasting your sugar water. The two sipping stations also help allow for twice the bird-watching fun! Made out of durable, eco-friendly materials, it hangs from an S-shaped hook and is easy to both fill and clean.

  • Hand Blown Glass Shack Hummingbird Feeder
  • Two blown glass sipping stations
  • Recycled tin can roof
  • Holds up to 9 oz of nectar
  • Functional, eco-friendly yard art

9"L x 5-1/4"W x 7-1/2"H


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