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Wooden Leafcutter Bee Habitat favorite




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Handcrafted from Forest Stewardship Council certified wood, this Wooden Leafcutter Bee Habitat is sealed with a nontoxic, water-based finish and will provide a home to beneficial bee populations in your neighborhood. About 30% of the human food supply and 90% of wild plants depend on pollination from bees, the majority of which are native bees.

Leafcutter bees are gentle native bees with extraordinary pollinating abilities. These summer bees are essential to the pollination of flowers and vegetables. Leafcutter bees are known as solitary bees because they nest alone. Unlike honey bees, leafcutter bees do not produce honey and do not defend a hive so stinging very rarely happens. The female’s stinger is actually her egg tube, so should a rare sting occur, there is no barb or venom. They get the name “leafcutter” from using bits of leaves to build their nests in gaps, cracks and other small cavities. One leafcutter bee can pollinate what would be comparable to around 20 honeybees.

  • FSC-certified wood
  • Nontoxic, water-based finish
  • Housing helps native bee populations thrive
  • Hang 5-7'H on a wall that gets morning sun
  • Plant native, pesticide-free plants to attract pollinating bees

8"W x 7"H x 5"D

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