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120-Hour Beehive Candle by the Hour favorite




Estimated Ship Date: 07/06/2022

Delight friends and family with this unique 120-Hour Beehive Candle by the Hour. The beeswax-coated coil wick is wound around and around until it resembles a dome-shaped beehive, adorned with realistic metal bee push-pins. This novel candle automatically extinguishes itself after up to one hour of burning for your convenience and peace of mind. Simply feed up to 3" of the pliable eco-friendly beeswax coil through the clip and light the wick to enjoy natural candlelight, without the worry. The entire lantern rope candle will last for roughly 120 hours of burn time.

This unique type of candle was developed in the 1600’s, when America had an abundance of beeswax, and they were also called “courting candles.” The courting candle became a parent’s way of timing how long a young gentleman suitor spent with their daughter. Use it that way if you like, but we think this Beehive beeswax rope candle is just a delightful holiday decoration for any table or mantel.

  • Beeswax "rope," "scroll" or "coil" candle
  • Beehive shape complete with metal push-pin bees
  • Burns at approximately 20 minutes per inch
  • Patented clip automatically extinguishes flame
  • Whole candle will last for roughly 120 hours of burn time

7" dia. x 10½"H

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Wed Jul 06 03:05:24 EDT 2022