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Colorful Tail Feathers Dual-Rotor Metal Wind Spinner favorite





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This dynamic Dual-Rotor Metal Wind Spinner looks like it could be made from the tail feathers of some exotic bird, but there are also leaves and flowers mixed in. Two independently-turning rotors will command attention on windy or calm days.

A mix of blue and golden rings and arcs, bright green leaves and cheerful pink roses blend together to create a swirling vision of color and motion in even a gentle breeze. At more than six feet tall and two feet across, this dynamic yard decoration will command attention even at a distance. Sturdy metal stakes ensure secure installation in your garden.

  • Colorful metal dual-rotor wind spinner
  • Mix of rings, arcs, leaves and flowers
  • Looks like the tail feathers of an exotic bird
  • Each rotor turns independently in even a gentle breeze
  • More than 6' tall and 2' across
  • Sturdy metal stakes ensure secure installation in your garden

24" dia. x 10¼"D x 75"H


24" dia. x 10¼"D x 75"H

Care and Maintenance?

Exposure to the elements will eventually cause fading and discoloration. To protect the look and longevity of your spinner, we suggest applying a UV-resistant protective finish.


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