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Gardener's Chess Set



Expected Ship:
in 1 week

Our Gardener's Chess Set is a 100% original design, sure to be as much a conversation starter as a game board. It's an ideal game board for those who enjoy gardening, relaxing outdoors and the game of chess. This work of art will outlast years of competition and will be the envy of all who sit down to oppose you. Crafted in the USA of solid cast stone, it will never deteriorate or need to be moved inside in the cooler weather.

Unique pieces include:
King and Queen: Gardeners
Bishop: Bouquet of Flowers
Knight: Tools and Buckets
Castle: Garden Shed
Pawns: Turtles and Snails

  • Naturally aged appearance
  • Sealed for outdoor use.

5"H x 17"sq.

Thu Jan 17 07:47:58 EST 2019