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Solar Snowman Decoration



His name may sound like an oxymoron, but the Solar Snowman actually LOVES being out in the sunshine. While most of his pals prefer a shady spot to avoid premature melting, this happy snowman decoration lives for those golden winter rays. His secret is in his hat. No, it doesn't hold a portable air conditioner, but it does have a solar panel, and after a full day of basking in the sun, this solar snowman puts on quite a show after dark. With his solar batteries all charged up, the LEDs in his white snowflakes and red buttons, eyes, nose and smiling mouth all light up so he can be seen far and wide.

Hang the solar snowman ornament up by his built in hanger on a porch, from a tree branch, or in the garden...any location where he can catch some serious rays by day and put on his light show by night. And when the holidays are over, he won't melt away, but he will collapse into a smaller, storage-friendly size until you're ready to bring him out next year.

  • Solar-powered LED-Lighted Snowman Decoration
  • White and red LEDs light up snowflakes and other features
  • Built-in hanger for easy display
  • Collapses for convenient storage
  • For outdoor use; requires direct sunlight to charge lights
17½" dia. x 37½"H

17½" dia. x 37½"H

Fri Nov 16 10:48:04 EST 2018