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Dual Spoon Metal Wind Spinner



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This dynamic Dual Spoon Metal Wind Spinner is so full of color and motion that you'll have a hard time taking your eyes off it. Beautiful standing still, but once the wind sets it spinning, it's truly a sight to behold. Two arcs, each with 11 green spoon shapes creates the primary motion. Within the arcs, three different tiers of independent horizontal spinners turn on their own. Two of these have four rotors each with leaf shapes, while the central rotor has multi-colored spoons. Once the wind catches this beauty, there will be motion all over the place.

  • Colorful metal wind spinner
  • Dual primary arcs with spoon/cup shapes
  • Two secondary horizontal spinners with leaf shapes
  • One central secondary spinner with spoon/cup shapes
  • Multiple, simultaneous motions when the wind blows

30"W x 4"D x 84"H

30"W x 4"D x 84"H