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Colorful Glass Circle Metal Garden Stake



Our Colorful Glass Circle Metal Garden Stake brings color, light and a healthy dose of whimsy to your landscape. One of our team described it as a "surrealist or impressionist sculpture of a tree." That's as good a description as any of this unique metal and glass garden stake. Twisting, turning branches fashioned in wrought iron suspend 10 glass discs, each with its own unique combination of color and texture. Planted in the garden, this unusual metal garden stake will capture your attention as the glass discs reflect and refract the light in rainbows of color. For a change of pace, the top section can be removed from its stake and displayed as a hanging art piece. Wind & Weather Exclusive Design.

  • Abstract garden stake
  • Twisting wrought iron "tree" shape
  • 10 glass discs with varying colors and textures
  • Top section can be displayed as a hanging piece
  • A whimsical addition to any garden
24½"W x 48½"H x ½"D

24½"W x 48½"H x ½"D