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Solar Lighted Dragon Birdbath



A new dimension in backyard birdie bathing, our Solar Lighted Dragon Birdbath features a fearsome dragon surrounding the basin to protect his feathered friends while they clean up. While the base of this birdbath is modeled after a traditional Ionic-style column, that's pretty much as "traditional" as it gets.

The basin on this solar dragon birdbath is a glass bowl, painted with a striking representation of the orange, scaly body of the dragon. Above the bowl, a metal head, tail and wings extend upward, completing the dragon and creating a unique 3-dimensional effect. It's as if the dragon is circling the basin, diving in and out of the water, and we've spotted him just as his head rises above the surface.

A real triumph of creative design, our solar lighted dragon birdbath has one more unique feature. A discreet solar panel collects the sun's energy so that after dark, the bowl lights up with an eerie glow that radiates up through the water to wash across his metal head, wings and tail.

While the neighborhood birds might at first be a bit startled by the fearsome appearance of this solar lighted dragon birdbath, once they get to know him, they'll realize they can bathe in peace and safety in his protective embrace. Wind & Weather Exclusive Design.

  • Glass-basin features painted image of dragon body
  • Metal head, tail and wings extend above basin
  • Base modeled after Ionic-style columns
  • Solar panel powers LED lights under basin after dark
  • Some assembly required
28¾"L x 18¼"W x 28½"H

28¾" L x 18¼"W x 28½"H

Mon Dec 17 02:08:00 EST 2018