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Ceramic Seashell Indoor Fountain



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Our lovely Ceramic Seashell Indoor Fountain captures the beauty of the ocean in its simple, familiar forms. Water spills down three seashells perched atop cresting waves and into the basin below where a silent electric pump keeps the water flowing. The waves and shells are glazed in the swirling blue-green colors of ocean waves. Display this nautical fountain indoors or on a covered porch where you can enjoy the shapes of shells and waves and the soothing sound of flowing water. Wind & Weather Exclusive Design.

  • Ceramic ocean-themed fountain
  • Water spills down three seashells atop cresting waves
  • Glazed in the blue-green hues of the ocean
  • Silent electrical water pump included
  • For display indoors or on a covered porch

11¼" dia. x 14"H

11¼" dia. x 14"H