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Owl Butterfly Metal Wall Art favorite
HD9031 |Exclusive




Estimated Ship Date: 11/03/2020
  • Metal butterfly wall art
  • Handcrafted from reclaimed metal
  • Hand painted with owl-like markings
  • Inspired by the real owl butterfly
  • For indoor or outdoor display

25"W x 16½"H x ½"D

Inspired by one of nature's most stunning creations, this Owl Butterfly Metal Wall Art is sure to be a conversation starter in your décor. There are approximately 20 species of Owl Butterfly found in the rainforests of Mexico and Central and South America, and, while they may not be quite as large as this more than two foot wide wall art, some varieties do grow to nearly eight inches across!

Our jumbo wall art version is handcrafted from reclaimed metal and painted by hand with an interpretation of the Owl Butterfly's unique markings. No matter where you display this statement metal wall art...indoors or will certainly have its eyes on you. Wind & Weather Exclusive Design.

25"W x 16½"H x ½"D

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