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Resin Angel Bird Feeder with Glittering Metal Wings favorite




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This lovely Angel Bird Feeder uses her flowing gown to hold bird seed to keep birdie bellies full at any time of year. God and His angels care for all life on earth, and birds are especially important in scripture.

Her open gown flows into a row of yellow rose buds to form a bowl to hold seed for your feathered friends. She holds a rose of her own as a symbol of her love for you and all life while her glitter-covered metal wire wings add a bit of sparkle. May her blessings fill your life and the lives of all those winged wonders who dine in her company.

  • Angel bird feeder
  • Glittery wire wings
  • Gown and flowers form a bowl for birdseed
  • Small tabletop bird feeder
  • Holds a symbolic rose
  • A lovely gift for any occasion

5¾"L x 5½"W x 15"H


5¾"L x 5½"W x 15"H

Care and Maintenance

Exposure to the elements will eventually cause fading and discoloration. To protect the look and longevity of your bird feeder, we suggest applying a UV-resistant protective finish.

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