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Handcrafted Cardinal With Babies in Nest Metal Propellor Whirligig favorite





Estimated Ship Date: 12/22/2021

This delightful Handcrafted Cardinal with Babies Metal Whirligig puts on a show every time the wind blows. When the wind turns the propellor at the front it causes the babies in the nest to peep up and down looking for a treat. At the same time, mama cardinal leans forward to offer a tasty worm. Handcrafted and hand painted so each one is unique. Comes with a mounting pole.

  • Metal whirligig decoration
  • Cardinal mom with babies in nest
  • Wind turning the propellor causes characters to move
  • Mama cardinal leans over with a worm
  • Babies in nest pop up and down
  • Handcrafted from metal
  • Comes with 47" mounting pole

10"L x 12½"W x 55"H


10"L x 12½"W x 55"H

Care and Maintenance

Exposure to the elements will eventually cause fading and discoloration. To protect the look and longevity of your spinner, we suggest applying a UV-resistant protective finish.


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