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Handcrafted Flame-Treated Metal Butterfly Wall Art favorite




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This extraordinary Metal Butterfly Wall Art is a stunning handmade creation. This unique sculpture features seven butterflies with flame-treated designs applied by hand to make each butterfly unique. Remarkable detail and intriguing color patterns.

The flame treatment introduces grays, browns, blues and purples to the metal and golden highlights add sparkle and visual interest. Handcrafted with attention to detail. This lovely decoration makes an unexpected and thoughtful gift for anyone on any occasion.

  • Handcrafted metal butterfly wall art
  • Each butterfly is individually flame-treated to create unique patterns
  • Mixes of browns, grays, purples and more
  • Golden metallic highlights
  • For indoor or outdoor display

14"W x 27½"H x 1½"D


14"W x 27½"H x 1½"D

Care and Maintenance

Exposure to the elements will eventually cause fading and discoloration. To protect the look and longevity of your wall art, we suggest applying a UV-resistant protective finish.


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