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Willow Tree "Home" Figurine favorite




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  • Willow Tree "Home" figurine
  • Captures a couple on the verge of welcoming a new child
  • Simple yet expressive sculpture by Susan Lordi
  • Cast in resin to capture the original's details
  • Hand painted in muted tones

Artist Susan Lordi had something very specific in mind when she created this tender Willow Tree® "Home" Figurine: "I wanted to capture the time in your life when there’s a lot of excitement, happiness, yet a big unknown. This piece connects the concepts of Home and Family—you are creating your own family, your own home. There’s been a shift in your life cycle. It’s about establishing roots in a way that centers and grounds you as a couple. It can be scary, but also has you in awe."

Through simple, yet highly expressive forms, Susan captures this very special moment in a couple's life, as they grow from a family of two to three: "Together, you’re creating a sense of place—building something— permanence and belonging. To each other and to the someone else that you haven’t met yet, but that you already love."

Cast in resin from Susan's lovingly created original piece, each example of Willow Tree's "Home" is hand painted in muted tones. A lovely gift to an expectant couple or from a husband to his wife, this piece is sure to bring back fond memories of this singular moment for years to come.


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