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Our Laminated Abaca-Fiber Flamingo Sculptures are sure to command attention wherever they're displayed. These vibrant flamingo sculptures are handcrafted from abaca hemp fibers mixed with color and a bonding agent and then laminated for extra shine.

The result bears a striking resemblance to pulled peppermint hard candy with its sweeping graceful neck and head. Petal-like feathers in various shades and bright pink rebar legs complete the look. Due to the use of natural materials, it is important to display your flamingos indoors only. Wind & Weather Exclusive Design.

  • Bright pink flamingo sculptures
  • Handcrafted from hemp fiber
  • Laminated for extra shine
  • Rebar legs and a wide flat base
  • For indoor display only


Male 25"L x 12"W x 52½"H
Female 22"L x 12"W x 44¼"H


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Sun Aug 01 20:13:49 EDT 2021