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Multi-Colored Mirror Wind Spinner favorite




Limited Stock
  • Metal wind spinner resembles a multi-colored flower
  • Dual rotors, each with nine "petals"
  • Each "petal" has three mirrored discs of increasing size
  • Red, blue, green and yellow discs
  • Turns in even the gentlest breeze

24" dia. x 10¼"D x 75"H

Our Multi-Colored Mirror Wind Spinner is a real kaleidoscope of colors, and, at more than six feet tall and two feet across, this is one spinner that will not be ignored! 54 brightly-colored mirrors spin freely in even a gentle breeze and reflect the sunlight back in spectacular style. Resembling a giant multi-colored flower, this wind spinner features a pair of independently-spinning rotors, each with nine wire "petals." Each petal is filled with three mirrored discs of increasing size in either green, blue, red or yellow. Absolutely lovely standing still, it becomes utterly breathtaking when the wind takes it for a spin.

24" dia. x 10¼"D x 75"H


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