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Lifelike Fiberglass Buck and Doe Garden Statuary Set favorite




In Stock!
  • Representation of adult male and female deer
  • Fiberglass garden statues
  • Near life size
  • Buck statue has a full rack of antlers
  • Welcome additions to the landscape that won't eat your plants

Buck 47¼"L x 19½"W x 61"H, 48 lbs.
Doe 44½"L x 12"W x 32¼"H, 42 lbs.

Our striking Fiberglass Buck and Doe Garden Statuary Set adds a gentle, pastoral feeling to your landscape. These depictions of an adult male and female deer are close to life-size and are crafted in weather-resistant fiberglass from remarkably detailed original sculptures.

Unlike her living counterpart, our fiberglass doe statue won't be treating your garden as her own personal buffet. She'll just stand quietly, representing the fauna amidst all your flora. Our handsome fiberglass buck garden statue stands tall and proud in your landscape, displaying an impressive rack of antlers and keeping watch over his domain.

Both statues are filled with striking detail, making them remarkably lifelike. From the defined musculature and realistic fur texture to their expressive faces, all the details work together to create truly impressive art for your outdoor spaces.

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