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Handcrafted Blown-Glass Ocean Sand and Shell Globe favorite




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Anytime you need to take a mental vacation, just gaze into this Handcrafted Blown-Glass Ocean Sand and Shell Globe. Each mouth-blown glass orb will have its own unique blue swirling patterns and is filled with a mix of real seashells and beach sand. The swirling shades of blue and white form wave patterns to add the beauty of the ocean to your miniature beach.

No two globes will have the same blue coloration, and no two will have the same mix of shells and sand. Consider it your own private piece (peace?) of the beach! Just gaze into it and let your mind drift away to a favorite seaside spot.

A flat integrated base makes sure your beach won't go rolling away. A super unique and thoughtful gift for anyone who loves the ocean or just needs a reminder of fun-filled days in the sun.

  • Glass beach-in-a-ball ocean globe
  • Hand-blown glass with unique swirling patterns representing waves
  • Filled with a collection of shells and sand
  • Each globe and its contents will be unique
  • An unexpected and thoughtful gift for any lover of the seaside

7" dia. x 7½"H


7" dia. x 7½"H

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