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These stunning butterfly collections are really handcrafted from feathers and hand painted with lifelike markings. Each box contains eight clip-on butterflies that can be used to accent wreaths, floral displays and more.

It's not difficult to picture these summertime companions on the wrapping for a garden party gift, a summer table centerpiece, or even part of a bridal bouquet, but they are unique enough to stand out on their own if you prefer. Simply display them in their included specimen style box as if you captured eight perfect samples from nature's summertime offerings.

  • Each set includes eight butterflies with clips
  • Each is hand-painted and unique
  • Packaged in 8x11 specimen style box
  • Suitable for floral arrangements, accents to gift wrap, or home decor
  • Can be used as a set or individually
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Thu Jun 01 01:59:30 EDT 2023