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Blooming Amaryllis in Green Wax with Graphic Design favorite




Limited Stock

Give the gift of growing flowers with practically zero effort with our Blooming Amaryllis in Green Wax. There's no watering, no planting and no green thumb required.

The bulb that will grow into a lovely amaryllis arrives as encased in bright green wax with a red and white graphic design. Simply set it on a flat surface and watch it grow. That's it. Really! In just a few weeks, your wax-encased bulb will have sprouted tall greenery topped with lovely, bright red amaryllis blossoms.

A perfect gift for yourself or anyone who loves fresh flowers, regardless of their skill as a gardener. Amaryllis is identified as toxic to pets by the ASPCA.

  • Blooming amaryllis bulb
  • Encased in solid color wax with graphic design
  • Zero maintenance: no watering, no planting
  • Just set on a flat surface in a sunny spot
  • Tall greens with bright red amaryllis blossoms in just weeks

4" dia. x 4"H


4" dia. x 4"H

Amaryllis is identified as toxic to pets by the ASPCA.

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