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Large Wooden Bat House favorite




Limited Stock
  • Handcrafted from FSC-certified wood
  • No painting, staining or maintenance required
  • Housing is made to protect and shelter bats and their young
  • Gives bats a warm place to roost, safe from wind and predators
  • Bats eat hundreds of mosquitoes and bugs an hour when they night feed
  • Dual-chamber house can hold approx. 50-100 bats
  • Grooved surface makes it easy for bats to cling when landing and roosting

15½"W x 4½"D x 20"H

Attractive to look at and beneficial to your local eco-system, our Large Wooden Bat House is made from Forest Stewardship Council certified wood and bamboo to provide a warm place for bats to roost, protected from wind and predators. Neighborhood bats consume hundreds of mosquitoes and other bugs an hour while they feed at night, making them an all-natural, desirable method of pest control.

Mount the house on a garage, barn or pole (south or east facing is usually best). Do not mount on a tree as it enables predators, is usually too shady (cold), and the branches impede the bats' flight. Place the house a minimum of ten feet off the ground to protect against predators; with 15-20 being even better. You'll also have a better chance of attracting bats if the house is near a water source, and away from bright lights.

Depending upon the bat size and population, this dual-chamber house can hold approx. 50-100 bats. The grooved surface makes it easy for bats to cling when landing and roosting. Handcrafted from FSC®-certified wood; no painting, staining or maintenance required.

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