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Birds and Flowers Helix Spinner - Bronze favorite




Limited Stock

A towering copper-colored vision, our Birds and Flowers Helix Spinner turns high school Geometry into a thing of beauty. Thirteen rotor arms of varying lengths extend from the central post. At the end of each arm is either a metal bird in flight or a metal flower. The arms and ornaments are arranged in such a way that they form a double helix—a pair of spirals, like the shape of a DNA molecule. But even if you hated Geometry, it's one breathtaking spinner. All the rotors turn in unison, so the spiral shape turns round and round like a corkscrew, glimmering in the sunlight. At almost eight feet tall, this spiraling wind spinner is sure to catch the attention of anyone passing by.

  • Copper-colored metal wind spinner
  • 13 rotor arms with birds or flowers
  • Arranged to form a double helix shape
  • All rotors turn in unison creating a corkscrew effect
  • An eye-catching piece of kinetic sculpture

21¾" dia. x 92½"H

21¾" dia. x 92½"H

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