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Stacked Bunnies Resin Sculpture

There's whimsical…and then there's our Stacked Bunnies Resin Sculpture. What's more fun than a barrel of monkeys How about a pile of bunnies These three adorable chums have formed a bunny tower, leading us to believe that they're planning to try out for the official bunny spirit squad! Go Bunnies!

Produced in weather-resistant resin from a delightful original sculpt, this bunny statue is full of realistic details. From the texture of their fur, to their smiling bunny faces, there's a lot to love about this unusual sculpture. Display this charming sculpture indoors or out. Wind & Weather Exclusive Design.

  • Indoor/outdoor sculpture
  • Three bunnies stacked atop one another
  • Remarkably detailed sculpture
  • Realistic painted finish
  • Guests will love their slyly smiling expressions
12¼"L x 8"W x 17¾"H

12¼"L x 8"W x 17¾"H