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Seahorse Accent Rug, 27"W x 72"L favorite




Expected Ship:
in 2 - 3 weeks
  • Seahorse Accent Rug 
  • Durable polyester and acrylic
  • Shades of blue, aqua and coral
  • UV-stabilized to prevent fading
  • Safe for indoor or outdoor use

Let this Seahorse Accent Rug add a touch of marine magic to your décor. Two delightful seahorses seem to be sharing a special moment on this colorful indoor/outdoor rug. Shades of blue, aqua and coral bring to mind crystal clear tropical waters and enchanting marine life. Weather-durable, hand-tufted polyester and acrylic construction allows this seahorse rug with abundant aquatic charm to double as a welcome mat for your front porch or deck or add a touch of tropical charm to any entryway, kitchen, hallway or bedroom. Our seahorse indoor/outdoor rug is UV-stabilized to prevent fading, and easy-care polyester lets you to clean our accent rug with a hose and water—allow rug to dry thoroughly. 

Despite their unique appearance, seahorses are actually fish, breathing through gills. Seahorses are not very strong swimmers, so they use their prehensile tails to cling to ocean grasses and weeds to prevent being swept away by currents. Seahorses mate for life and reinforce their bond with an elaborate courtship ritual before mating that includes changing colors while spiraling around an undersea object in an elaborate "dance." And yes, as you may have heard, the seahorse is the only creature with a true reverse pregnancy. The female deposits her eggs with the male who fertilizes them and carries them for 14 days to four weeks (depending on the species) before giving birth. Way to go, Dad!

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