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Oyster Coast Wreath

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Call to mind the sound of waves and the smell of salt air with this Oyster Coast Wreath. Full of seaside charm, this nautical wreath features authentic oyster shells and Spanish moss set in a natural twig base. Add coastal ambience to your interior décor by hanging this natural oyster shell wreath above a mantel, in a sun room, or in a kitchen. This oyster coast wreath can also be an ocean-inspired focal point on a covered porch or in a pool house.

Did you know that all oysters can produce pearls, but that the pearl oyster family (Pteriidae) comes from a different family than edible oysters An oyster creates a pearl when a grain or sand or some other object becomes trapped inside. It coats it repeatedly with nacre, a combination of calcium and protein, otherwise known as Mother of Pearl, to reduce the irritation. How amazing that something so beautiful is simply a result of a defense mechanism! 

  • Wreath accented with natural oyster shells 
  • Oysters and Spanish moss set on a twig base
  • Nautical wreath 
  • Brings seaside ambience to any interior space
  • Use indoors or on a covered porch

19" dia. x 7½"D