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Hand "Boilers", Set of 4

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Kids can imagine they have magical powers when they discover this set of four Hand "Boilers." These amazing devices "boil" air, not liquid, and the expanding air moves the liquid through the twisting glass shapes. Hold one in your palm for just a few seconds and as the air pressure rises, the colorful, nontoxic liquid ethanol starts to bubble (but not boil) and move upward. Put your hand on the top, and the liquid goes back down. The fun and amazement are further amplified by the unique, twisting shapes of the different "boilers!" The set of four includes a purple, green, red, and blue "boiler." For ages 8 and up.

  • Hand boilers use the warmth of your hand to propel liquid through glass tubes
  • Warming air pushes the colorful liquid upward
  • Put your hand on the top and the liquid will move downward
  • Unusual glass shapes filled with nontoxic liquid ethanol
  • Set includes one each in purple, green, red, and blue
Approx. 2" dia. x 6½"H

2" dia. x 6½"H