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Gourd-Shaped Majolica Vase

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Our Gourd-Shaped Majolica Vase is a lovely addition to your décor, whether displaying cut flowers, a dried arrangement, or even just standing on its own. A lovely design of birds, flowers and artistic flourishes graces the outside of this beautifully-designed terra cotta vase that has been hand painted and glazed in the traditional Majolica style.

"Majolica" refers to a process that originated in the Middle East in the 9th century in which bare earthenware—or bisque—is tin-glazed and then fired for a second time. The name is actually somewhat of a misnomer, coming from the fact that this style of 13th glazed earthenware was imported into Italy through the Isle of Majorca, a major center of trade between Spain and Italy. The Italians named it after Majorca, thinking it had originated there. Italian majolica reached its peak of artistic quality during the Renaissance, and these days the term is still used to refer to ceramic ware that follows this stylistic tradition.

Our gourd-shaped vase is hand-turned and hand-glazed by Philippine artisans in the traditional style so each one will be unique. The vase is watertight, so fresh flowers can be safely displayed with water, but the vase is not food safe.

  • Gourd-shaped terra cotta vase
  • Hand-turned by Philippine artisans
  • Tin-glazed by hand in majolica style
  • Watertight vase
  • Display with fresh or dried arrangements or alone as an art piece
7¾" dia. x 11¾"H

7¾" dia. x 11¾"H