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Decorative Smiling Heads

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They say that two heads are better than one, so we’re offering this pair of smiling fellows as a set. Displayed together or spread around your landscape, their broad smiles are sure to delight your guests. Cast in a strong but lightweight material from positively charming original sculptures, they’ll add whimsy to your landscape on a grand scale.

Eager to spread good cheer—and maybe good luck—in your landscape, these two smiling head sculptures are designed especially for outdoor use. Cast in glass-reinforced concrete, the hollow heads are lighter than they appear and are easy to move about until you find exactly the right spot. Besides being lightweight, this material is highly weather-resistant, ensuring years of infectious smiles.

The taller of the two is almost two feet high, with a tall forehead and a rough, “cratered” texture. His pal is more spherical in shape and looks like a not-too-distant relative of the man in the moon. Positioned together, they look to be sharing a private joke with grins so broad you can almost hear the laughter.When they ask...
The notion of sculptures that bring good luck spans the globe. Rubbing the belly of a happy Buddha statue or the snout of Rachel the Pig at Pike Place Market in Seattle are both believed to bring good luck. Some are purported to bring luck in specific areas: rubbing the giant stone atop Yellow Mountain in China is said to bring success in one’s career, while throwing coins in the Trevi Fountain is believed to ensure a future return visit to Rome. We can’t promise that these smiling fellows will bring you luck…but who’s to say that they won’t

Tall 16”L x 14½"W x 19½"H
Round 19"L x 14"W x 16"H