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Copper-Plated Fondue Set

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When the team first saw this stylish Copper-Plated Fondue Set everyone loved it, but for different reasons. Some folks fondly recalled their parents throwing fondue parties in the ’60s and ’70s, while the younger members of the team just thought it was flat-out cool. So, whether your ideal fondue party screams for go-go boots and 8-track tapes or hip-hop hits streaming from a smartphone or tablet, the smart-looking Trudeau® Lumina copper-plated fondue set will feel right at home.

This 3-in-1 fondue set will get you through a full three-course meal gourmet meal. Start off with some crusty bread dipped in cheese fondue. The ceramic double-boiler insert ensures even, scorch-free heating to keep your cheese warm and gooey. Next up, some tender beef cooked in hot oil or broth. Remove the ceramic insert and the stainless steel interior will keep your cooking liquids sizzling. And what better way to end your feast than with a tasty chocolate fondue. Back to the ceramic insert for smooth, sweet deliciousness ready to be scooped up by cubes of fresh fruit or pound cake. (OK, now we're hungry!)

The Trudeau Lumina 3-in-1 copper-plated fondue set comes with everything you need: a 3-ply copper fondue pot with 67-ounce capacity; a ceramic double-boiler insert for cheese and chocolate; six stainless steel forks with color coded tips; a stainless steel rack with notches for securing forks; a safety burner with cool touch handle and burner snuffer; and complete instructions with a recipe leaflet. Gelled bottled burner fuel or capsules sold separately. Also suitable for gas, electric, glass ceramic and halogen cooktops.

  • 67-oz. capacity fondue pot
  • Ceramic double-boiler insert
  • Six color-coded stainless steel forks
  • Stainless steel rack with fork guid
  • Gelled bottled burner fuel or capsules not included
Holds 60 oz.; Prongs 9½"L

7¼" dia. (9¼"L with handles) x 9"H