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Collectible Star Spangled Coins and Stamps Set

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A patriotic gift for any historian or collector, our Star Spangled Coins and Stamps Box Set proudly displays the national anthem of the United States of America. A wooden collector's display box with latch houses four genuine United States coins: a JFK bicentennial half dollar, an Eisenhower bicentennial dollar and a Washington bicentennial quarter all dual-dated 1776-1976, and a Maryland statehood quarter minted in 2000. This stunning patriotic collector's set also includes three mint United States postage stamps featuring the beautiful American flag. The collection continues with a genuine $2 bill. This unusual currency piece shows John Trumbull's famous painting of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. A Certificate of Authenticity is included.

Originally written by Francis Scott Key as a poem, "The Star Spangled Banner" quickly became known as an American patriotic song. It became the national anthem on March 3, 1931. All four stanzas are included for your enjoyment in this coins and stamps collection.

  • Patriotic Stamps and Coins Boxed Set
  • Tops shows all four stanzas of "The Star Spangled Banner"
  • Contains JFK bicentennial half dollar, Eisenhower bicentennial dollar, Washington bicentennial quarter, Maryland statehood quarter and genuine $2 bill
  • Includes three mint U.S. postage stamps with the American flag
  • Set in a wooden collector box
10"L x 12"W x 1½"H

10"L x 12"W x 1½"H