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Animated Icicle Lights



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A delightful new take on Christmas lights, these Animated Icicle Lights incorporate motion to create a breathtaking effect. Each plastic icicle is filled with LED lights that go on and off in sequence to mimic the look of a dripping icicle. The light seems to "trickle" down the length of each icicle. It's really a sight to behold!

Each eight foot string has six individual icicle lights—two each of 7", 11" and 17" length spaced approximately 20" apart to create a natural look—and the power cord extends an additional 16½ feet. You can connect up to 10 strands together, and each strand is designed in an eco-friendly manner to ensure low energy consumption. Add these animated icicle lights to your holiday décor, and you're one step closer to winning the neighborhood decorating contest! For indoor or outdoor use.

  • Clear plastic icicles with white LED lights
  • Lights go on and off in each icicle to create a "trickling" effect
  • Each string has two 7", two 11" and two 17" icicles spaced approximately 20" apart
  • Connect up to 10 strings together
  • Eco-friendly design for low energy consumption
String 8¼ ft., lights 7", 11" & 17"

Overall 24'7"L
Lighted length 8'2½"L
Icicle lights 7", 11" and 17"L