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Decked out in their finest formalwear, these Metal Feathered Penguin Statues are about as charming as they come. One looks cheerfully off to the left, while his pal looks back to the right with an equally jovial expression. We can just imagine their conversation: "Merry Christmas, old sport!" "And a very Happy New Year to you, my friend!" These handsome metal penguin sculptures are full of interesting details. Their bodies are covered with individual textured metal "feathers," and the yellow accents around the eyes suggest the markings of the famed Emperor Penguin. And while these delightful seabirds may have lost the ability to fly millions of years ago, the smooth, glossy black metal wings on these statues serve quite well as stylish formalwear. Sturdy feet will keep them upright on most surfaces, and all-metal construction makes them right at home indoors or out.

  • Durable Accent Rugs with Seashell Design
  • Use indoors or out
  • Features clam shells and sand dollars on a light blue background
  • Easy care—simply use soap and water to clean and allow to dry thoroughly
  • UV stabilized to ensure its colors stay vibrant

Dimensions 12¼"L x 5¼"W x 20¾"H


Metal Feathered Penguin Statues, Set of 2


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Metal Feathered Penguin Statue

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