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Outdoor Weather Sensor Shield favorite




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  • Extends sensor life by protecting it from harsher elements
  • Does not interfere with accurate capture and transmission of weather data
  • Easy mounting and sensor installation
  • Screws and zip ties are included to facilitate mounting
  • Sensor not included

3¾"W x 7"H x 4"D

The Outdoor Weather Sensor Shield is designed to protect your weather station's outdoor sensor from the elements. While the sensors are designed for outdoor use, you can extend their lives greatly by protecting them with this sensor weather shield. Simply mount the sensor shield to a wall, post or other flat surface, attach your sensor to the shield's base with the included velcro tape and insert the base and sensor into the housing. The shield protects the sensor from the harsher elements without interfering with the sensor's ability to track and wirelessly transmit accurate weather data. Screws and zip ties are included for mounting the sensor weather shield. Sensor not included

3¾"W x 7"H x 4"D

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