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Large Galvanized Metal Thermometer



Limited Stock

This classic Large Galvanized Metal Thermometer provides instant reading of the indoor or outdoor temperature. Use the built-in keyhole to hang this analog thermometer on a long nail or screw (not included) and read the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit from -20° up to 120°. The galvanized metal housing is fully weatherproof, and the thermometer uses a colored, mercury-free liquid to indicate the temperature.

Hero of Alexandria first used the expansion or contraction of liquid in a tube as an indicator of temperature in the first century AD. More than a thousand years later, Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit established a temperature scale with the 0° measurement being set by the temperature of a solution of brine made of equal parts salt and ice.

  • Galvanized metal analog thermometer
  • Measures temperature in degrees Fahrenheit
  • Scale goes from -20° to 110°
  • Mercury-free
  • Indoor or outdoor use
2¾"W x 19¼"H x ¼"D

2¾"W x 19¼"H x ¼"D

Thu Jun 20 01:25:45 EDT 2019